California Construction and You_ Placer Contractors School

California Construction and You! Placer Contractors School

At Placer Contractors School, we excel in helping young career professionals and entrepreneurs to get involved in a vibrant industry in the state of California. Using our experience and construction backgrounds, we help thousands of students to get involved in exciting trades opportunities within the state.

The California Contractor Economy

The economy of the state of California is the biggest one in the U.S. – with a $3 trillion gross state product in 2018, California had an adjusted 2017 GDP around 2.7 trillion.

California’s construction industry is going strong, as well. In major markets like Sacramento, Los Angeles, and the Bay area, there are many opportunities to make your mark in the construction world. Just look at what’s happening in local real estate markets all around the state – new building and renovations are expanding living space for a growing population, including an influx of people into the state’s economy. That all spells money for construction pros, who are able to make their services useful to the community.

However, construction contractors benefit from investing in various credentials and qualifications that are going to help them to promote themselves as legitimate businesses under California state law. That’s what Placer Contractors School is designed for – to help newcomers to get established as legitimate construction contractors and trades people in this exciting economy. We want to help you to start your career off on solid ground – to improve the pool of skilled contractors around the state, and to help make those connections that lead to a healthy economic sector.

Classes and Business Services

To that end, we offer a range of live instruction classes, including classes that go over various types of law and business instruction, and safety practices within the industry. We help prepare students for exams, along with offering various business services like help with articles of incorporation, business plans, state fees, and filings. All of this can be intimidating without some sort of initial orientation – our students love our comprehensive approach to jump-starting a successful construction business.

For those who can’t attend live classes, we also offer a home study option. The versatility of our programs helps us to effectively get more students into successful careers.

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Placer Contractors School empowers ambitious, skilled tradespeople – we are veteran-owned and operated and backed by the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce and the Placer County Contractors Association and Building Exchange. We are ready to help you to make your business dreams come true!