Don't Pay for Other’s Mistakes – Why Contractor Training is Important

Don’t Pay for Other’s Mistakes – Why Contractor Training is Important

At Placer Contractors School, we take care to support our emerging contractor professionals and provide them with the resources that they need to thrive doing business in the state of California.

Much of this involves understanding the details and how to build a successful contractor business.

Every contractor has to know the nuts and bolts of the business – how to value time and materials, how to estimate a job, and how to build things correctly. But they also need other kinds of training that they don’t always get without a good grounding in contract law and state provisions for handling issues on a job.

At Placer Contractors School, we provide home and classroom study options where young professionals learn, for example, all about licensing and insurance. They learn how this works in the real world. That equips them to go out to estimate or complete jobs with confidence, from an informed basis, and helps them to present well to their first clients, when the first impression can make all the difference.

For example, grievance boards exist all over the country in various states, because homeowners often have problems with contractors. Those problems cascade into complex sagas and can impact future jobs as well. You don’t want that to happen! Nobody does – but when there’s a disconnect, on process, on the detail of the job, or anything else, it can destroy someone’s business.

Yes, a homeowner can file a complaint with the California CSLB, but in many cases, they don’t feel their case was resolved. Then they can take it out on the next contractor, and the cycle goes on and on. Without good resolution, problems from contract jobs tend to “echo” through the community. Negative word of mouth is a big part of it. But there’s a better way to handle these challenges, involving good training and adequate knowledge of the industry.

Contractors who show up for every job understanding these challenges and having the right licensing and insurance in place will greatly outperform others year-to-year. They’ll rake in more profits, collect more satisfied customers, and become more confident. On the other hand, without this training, many of these small businesses can ultimately flounder and fail.

For more, check out our web site to see how we prepare our students for the big world outside, to help them to navigate a complex field. Look at our home and class study options and how we integrate new technology and tools to give our students the heads up that they need. We’re proud to be one of the most popular contractor schools in the area, with a diversity of students in various types of careers. We’re here for you, too!