Quality Contractors Education is Key to Success

Quality Contractors Education is Key to Success

California is enjoying a booming economy, with its real estate market at an all-time high, and there is no doubt that contractors are being kept very busy. For many people who desire to get into the game by becoming a licensed contractor in this state, finding the right source of education and information is the key to success.

The California Department of Affairs State Licensing Board is a great source of information for anyone considering to embark on the journey of becoming a contractor.  This department outlines the many laws and requirements regarding individual and businesses contractors licensing.

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) states that if the total cost of labor and materials of one or more contract projects is $500 or more, then the contractor must be licensed.  Subcontractors, specialty contractors, and anyone engaged in the home improvement business must be licensed before submitting bids. 

While not everyone may desire or need to obtain a contractors license, if they want to provide services that will fall beneath the state licensing requirements, there are advantages to becoming a state-licensed contractor. 

Having this license gives credibility with potential customers by showing that time was spent on the education needed to obtain the license.  Being a licensed contractor also allows a person to tackle larger, more profitable jobs, as well as charge higher rates for their work.

Since a contractors license can only be obtained through course examination, it is imperative to receive the highest quality education to ensure all of the required material is covered and internalized.  Contractors provide skilled trade work that is held to high standards and oversight, making their training a valuable component of their business.

Because there are so many different types of contract work specializations, quality education is imperative.  Placer Contractors School in California is the leading institution for contractor education in the state, providing in house and home study courses to fit any schedule.  Placer is veteran owned and operated, and prides itself on delivering high exceptional education for an array of contracting fields.

By providing over 60 classifications in which to study, Placer gives students the variety they need with the skills necessary to achieve their goals of becoming a licensed contractor.  In addition to education, Placer provides business services to students such as preparing and filing the articles of incorporation, as well as assistance in other corporate paperwork.  Their professional support from classroom to workroom is a valuable tool for those who want to work in this industry.