Three Core Services from Placers Contractors School

Three Core Services from Placers Contractors School

Continuing education is important for many different kinds of professionals, and the construction and contracting field is no exception.

Professional contractors benefit from having outside parties and resources that help them to start their career off on solid ground, and then build their business up to compete and better serve customers. A good contractor school is an engine for a local economy as a critical support to those who are prepared to offer these pro services to an area customer base.

Here are some of the key ways that we support our clients in setting up and growing their contractor businesses.

Classroom Services

On the weekends, we run live classes for several reasons.

First, we know that some students thrive in a social environment and want to come together for face-to-face interaction.

We put particular care into our live curriculum to keep things moving along and give students a broad comprehensive base in safety issues, review of contracting math, law and business topics and much more. We combine our face-to-face classroom services with mobile apps and responsive design components for a rich learning environment. With that in mind, students can also keep up remotely outside of class, with their smartphones.

Home Study Services

Some busy professionals don’t have the time to attend live classes, and so we also offer a home study program.

With our home study contractor’s license program, students can go over application review, law and business topics, various trade topics, and safety training from the comfort of a home office.

Business Services

Along with preparing students for the wonderful world of construction contracting, we also offer concrete assistance with some of the toughest parts of starting a new business.

We help budding contracting businesses with articles of incorporation, understanding state fees and responsibilities and handling the processes of getting licensed, insured and bonded for a firmer foundation for a contracting business.

Why do we do all this? We believe in the power of small business people to succeed in today’s economy – but we also know that it’s easier to do this with some initial and ongoing assistance. Our contractor’s school graduates many successful entrepreneurs who utilize their skills and resources to help homeowners to improve and maintain their properties. We see ourselves as providing a kind of clearinghouse for making sure that these businesses are well supported and on the right track to success – think of it as an incubator for small business! Ask us about what we offer to help a skilled self-starter to climb that hill toward becoming an LLC or some other small business format – to get started in really building a new company the right way!